It's here!  Big Nick's first Cajun Accordion lessons DVD!



Priced to match the lowest priced Cajun Accordion DVD lessons on the WEB!

Only $25 plus $3.00 shipping & handling in the continental USA!

Includes a 24 page booklet that covers:

- Cajun Accordion
- Buying Accordions
- Holding Accordions
- Bass/Chords
- The Scale
- Octave Scales
- Melody
- Mic Techniques
- Jam Etiquette
- Tablature
- References


This project took much longer than I had expected!  Let me tell you a bit about it ..

This DVD is intended for beginners who are first
being introduced to the Cajun Accordion.

Significant time is devoted to the study of the
left hand and the playing of both hands
simultaneously (which is generally neglected
in other Cajun Accordion lessons.)

Big Nick walks you through the basics including:
- The Cajun Accordion and its basic components
- How to hold the instrument
- Finger placement
- Tablature
- Playing the scale in octaves or “doubles”

Simple melodies are slowly introduced with on screen tablature that indicates where to place your fingers.

From there, the bass side is added, ornaments are demonstrated, and you even get the opportunity to play along with Big Nick with right, left or both hands.

This training session will “fill-the-gap” where other beginning sessions leave off.

Song selection includes:
- Hey Mom
- Cowboy Waltz
- Colinda

One hour and 25 minutes long!



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